Rowena Maybourn, Artist, Cordes Sur Ciel - Nov 2017

I was going through quite a difficult time in my personal life, and because I knew Lucy, I thought to myself “why not try yoga?”. (I was 60 at the time and thought it might be too late to start learning yoga.)

I was pleasantly surprised by the intelligent and gentle approach of Lucy’s teaching, based on each student’s abilities and needs in that moment.  I was fascinated by the discovery of “restorative” yoga (which is beneficial for everyone including those who are elderly, pregnant or injured).

 Whilst teaching yoga postures (asanas) Lucy simultaneously transmits the philosophy of yoga which brings a deeper meaning to the practice and also helps me in daily life.  I also appreciate our shared moments of meditation.
I have enjoyed practising yoga with Lucy for 3 years now and feel many benefits.
  1.  I feel a real sense of change in my suppleness which increases the pleasure of exploring the asanas.
  2. When feeling tired after work I use restorative yoga to relax and renew my energy.
  3.  I understand more and more the value of Ahimsa (compassion for self and the world) which allows me to be less critical of myself and others.


Emma Jacobs, Photographer, London, March 2015

During almost 20 years of yoga practice I always had a lot of pain in my ankles whilst standing in certain poses, but after my first Alexander Technique lesson, with Lucy’s guidance, I was able to adjust my alignment correctly and found that I could stand in the same poses pain free! Lucy also showed me how to incorporate the Alexander Technique into ‘everyday’ life – how and what to be aware of whilst walking, standing, bending etc and ever since I have had a lot less back, neck and shoulder pain.

For the past two years I had also suffered from chronic kidney problems, so Lucy introduced me to ‘Yin Yoga’ which focuses on strengthening the kidney meridian through very gentle passive stretches. I was really surprised to feel the benefit to both body and mind during and after these static postures.