During almost 20 years of yoga practice I had always a lot of pain in my ankles whilst standing in certain poses, but after my first session with Lucy I was able to adjust my alignment correctly and found that I could stand in the same poses pain free! Lucy also showed me how to incorporate the Alexander Technique into ‘everyday’ life- how and what to be aware of whilst walking, standing, bending etc and ever since I have had a lot less back, neck and shoulder pain.

For the past two years I had also suffered from chronic kidney problems, so Lucy introduced me to ‘Yin Yoga’ which focuses on strengthening the kidneys through very gentle passive stretches. I was really surprised to feel the benefit to both body and mind during and after these static postures.
Emma Jacobs, Photographer, London.)Spring 2015

I have been doing weekly yoga lessons with Lucy for 3 years now – having begun lessons at age 60 when I was going through a difficult period in my life.  As well as teaching the postures, Lucy simultaneously transmits yoga philosophy which helps me to bring a different attitude to my daily life and I have noticed many positive changes:

*I feel much more supple and get a greater enjoyment from doing yoga and other activities.
*I feel rejuvenated after restorative yoga and relaxation – particularly when I’m feeling tired.
*I have a greater understanding of the importance of “ahimsa” or compassion for self and the world, which allows me to be less severe with myself and others.
Rowena Maybourn, Artist, Cordes sur Ciel.

I just did a 4 days retreat with my boyfriend at Lucy’s Yoga Najac and I highly recommend it ! She has not only the knowledge of yoga and mindfulness or meditation but also of the Alexander Technique.  What make the classes even more interesting is she mixed them all as we requested. The studio is very nice with a deck that is perfect for the morning session in summer. All in all we spent a very nice time and have plenty of new habits / exercises that we are trying to carry into our everyday life to feel better thanks to Lucy.

Celine Le Menn, Paris – June 2018.