Hormonal Balance for Women

10.00 – 13.00  €30.   Reservations essential. 6 people max.

Followed by lunch – bring a dish to share.

Yoga helps us to balance our endocrine system

– which is responsible for producing various hormones that regulate most of our bodily functions at a cellular level.

If our endocrine system is out of balance we can experience a variety of physical, mental and emotional symptoms – either during our monthly cycle, pre & post natal, as well as pre & post menopause.

The physical yoga postures (asanas) massage and activate our different endocrine glands, whilst breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation work more on an energetic and global level.

Menopause is a natural transition into wise womanhood and the autumnal time of our life.  This can be both a powerful and positive experience if we listen to our bodies and our inner wisdom by taking time to give ourselves the self-care we need.