Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

is a way of being mindful in everyday activities. It helps us become aware of our habits which are often unconscious and detrimental to our health.

People learn the Alexander Technique (AT)  to improve performance in work and everyday life, and to help them cope with stress and physical problems.

  • AT is a powerful tool for personal development, self-awareness, mindfulness and learning new skills.
  • AT helps to change the habits that contribute towards functional problems such as back pain, muscle tension and stiffness, poor posture and breathing problems.
  • AT gives us the freedom to change conditions that stop us reaching our potential and enjoying a happy, healthy life.

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy or an exercise program. It is an in-depth study of how human reaction, coordination and movement, play a part in everything we do.   It is a process of re-discovering the natural balance and coordination which we were all born with. With this awareness we then have the freedom to choose our responses, rather than follow our habitual reactions, allowing for an improved mind/body connection.

With the Alexander Technique we experience how our attention and our intention are intrinsically linked and their effect on how we are designed to function. We become aware of the interplay between our mind, emotions and physical body which together create our whole self.

The Alexander Technique is more about being than doing. It is not so much about learning new things but rather unlearning our negative habits, often developed over many years, and allowing the innate ease and coordination we were all born with to re-emerge. We become more able to respond to life’s challenges and opportunities in a spontaneous and creative way which is most appropriate to that particular moment.

The Alexander Technique is well-known amongst professional actors, musicians, singers, dancers, athletes and sports players because they are always seeking to improve their performance and reduce their chance of injury.  It has also been proven to help with back pain.  Much physical pain is due to excess muscle tension which can affect our overall health by negatively impacting on our circulation, breathing and digestion.

I discovered the Alexander Technique in 1995 when it was the only thing that helped me cope with the pain of a prolapsed disc in my lower back which resulted in surgery.  In 1998, when pregnant with my first child, I decided to leave my career job in London to begin a three year full-time AT teacher training (1500 hrs),  principally for my own health and quality of life.

Since then, the Alexander Technique has helped with all aspects of my life from parenting to gardening, and from running a business to horse riding.  AT compliments all activities, but especially yoga and meditation – which also help to develop our mind/body connection, creating a deeper level of mindfulness.

For further information see the following websites:
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or watch this film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IoTuB42G2c