Hatha Yoga in Najac in English


Lucy teaches a gentle Hatha Yoga suitable for all abilities, including beginners, at her home studio in Najac which is fully equipped and has underfloor heating as well as an outdoor yoga deck.

Hatha yoga uses gentle stretches, breathing, and relaxation techniques to bring balance and harmony to mind and body. Ultimately, yoga is a practice which teaches self-awareness, helping us to become more present and giving us skills to take off the mat into our daily lives.

Lucy believes that yoga is accessible to everyone no matter what their level of fitness, and adapts her teaching to whoever is present according to their needs. Yoga is a holistic practice which works on all levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

Yoga is sanskrit for “union” referring to mind and body as well as ourselves and the universe. One of the oldest definitions of yoga is by the sage Patanjali who said “Yoga is a state of being when we are no longer disturbed by the fluctuations of the mind.

Wednesdays 09.30-11.00
at 17 avenue de Saint Andre tel: 05 65 29 76 30 / 06 16 26 24 84

Breathe, Stretch, Relax, Smile


Whether looking to keep fit, calm a busy mind, or find a deeper sense of well-being when living with a health condition, yoga has many benefits:

  • – improving muscle tone & strength, joint mobility, coordination & balance, spine flexibility, energy & vitality, circulation & digestion;
  • – releasing excess muscle tension which so often causes pain, reducing high blood pressure;
  • – promoting correct breathing and deep relaxation which allows the body’s natural healing mechanism to work;
  • – boosting our immune system, concentration & alertness, and aiding restful sleep;
  • – enabling awareness and connecting to a deeper sense of self.

As well as traditional Hatha Yoga Lucy also teaches Yin Yoga which involves holding gentle passive stretches for 3-5 mins to allow deep body tissue and fascia to release, helping to release energy blockages.

Also Restorative Yoga which involves supporting the body in completely passive positions to enable deep relaxation which allows our natural healing mechanism to work. This is ideal for anyone who is exhausted or recovering from illness or surgery. Lucy discovered this form of yoga whilst suffering from a frozen shoulder – a very painful and long-lasting condition with extremely limited mobility.

Yoga Nidra (which means sleep in sanskrit) creates an extremely relaxed state in between awake and asleep that allows us to let go of physical, mental & emotional tensions.  It is a practice accessible by everyone – one that works at the level of our sub conscious mind and permits powerful healing to occur.

The foundation principle of ALL yoga practice is AHIMSA – which is sanskrit for non-harming.  This means treating first of all ourselves and then the world around us with kindness and compassion, both in thought and in action.  Lucy encourages students to listen to their bodies, whilst paying attention to breath, alignment and contact with the ground, to avoid going beyond comfortable limits and risking injury.